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Shanxi Gospel Food Technology Development Co., Ltd

Frozen vegetables/Frozen fruit/Frozen pork/Frozen beef/Frozen fish

Thursday,Jan 24, 2019
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 Gospel Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, cold storage capacity of 1,000 tons. Gospel frozen food always adhere to the "quality of the root, integrity-based, integrity services" principle, Chengdu Shenghua frozen Food Co., Ltd. strength, re-letter together to maintain the contract to ensure product quality, and sincerely hope that the community and knowledge cooperation, and new and old customers And progress, create brilliant. Products frozen to the production workshop temperature processing, from finished refrigerated to refrigerated trucks, refrigerated cabinets sales, complete cold chain system throughout the production, transportation, sales of the whole process to ensure food safety. Operating various types of frozen food, mainly sold around the company, the school canteen, the hotel supply food stalls food stalls supermarket shopping center. Adhering to the "quality first, the price is reasonable" business philosophy, adhere to the "customer **" product sampling rate of... [More Information]
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